Storage at Safe Box

Document storage

Storing documents at Safe Box does not only save valuable space but also creates a quality assurance regarding documents security.

Thanks to our unique Safe Box Archive system you get a structured overview of your documents while they are stored in a green building that meets all regulatory requirements without exemptions as set by the Swedish authoritys in RA-FS-2013:4.

To store financial documents is regulated in Swedish law, "bokföringslagen". There are also international quality standards such as ISO 11799 regarding requirements on archiving.

Safe Box Archive

Our unique web-based system Safe Box Archive lets you gain full controll over your documents while at the same time ensure they are stored in a secure manner. You can order pick up and delivery of whole boxes, individual binders, or documents from your computer. We can also scan the documents which are then downloaded from your encrypted personal account. The only thing needed is a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Frequently asked questions regarding storage

Do you pick up documents from my external book-keeper?

Yes, we pick up Tuesdays and Thursdays. Express pick up as per special agreement.

Can you assist with packaging and registration when moving to you?

Yes, we will inspect your current archive on site and suggest the best way to handle packaging and transport to our facility.

Do you archive computers and external harddrives?

Currently we do not offer that as a part of our archiving service. We do however offer storage in secured, temperated storage units where you can store computers and harddrives.

Does Safe Box Archive come with training?

Yes, we train your staff in how to use Safe Box Archive. After the training you will be able to handle everything from your computer.

How many users can we have?

There is no limit. As a standard you will be issued with three (3) licences.

Storage of households effects

In addition to the storage of documents we offer full service when it comes to storage of household effects and storage for businesses, for instance storage for salesmen.

We offer storage units from 5 cubic meters up to 32 cubic meters. We will gladly help you to determine what size of storage unit you are in need of.

In our secure and modern facilities your items are protected from fire, water, flooding and burglary. We have generous open hours and easy access by having the facilities open 6 AM to 10 PM all days of the week.

Secure loading and unloading

We provide easy, secure and time saving loading and unloading. We have a professional docking area, trolleys and other aids for you to use while unloading your vehicles and place it in your unit with the help of special carts that can be pulled all the way to your unit. The facilites has extra wide spaces and a large capacity lift.

Our prices can stand comparison! Included in the price is a high degree of service and practical handling.

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Manned 8 AM to 5 PM

The office and storage facilities are manned in order to assist you. Perhaps you need help with transports, receive goods, get questions answered, change something in your lease and get hold of contact information to one of our many partners.

The office is manned every normal weekday between 8 AM to 5 PM, closed for lunch between 12 AM and 1 PM.

Frequently asked questions regarding storage

Will I get my deposite on my unit back when I end the lease?

The deposite is returned when full payment on the lease is paid.

May I store motor vehicles in my unit?

No. We do not allow motor vehicles in our units due to the fire hazard.

What is the shortest lease period?

We lease our units for a minimum of 4 weeks.

How large a unit do I need?

If you have the opportunity please come by our facilities and look at the various unit sizes we offer. If not do not hesitate to call us at +46 8 590 97 870 and we will help you with your needs.

What is the period of notice?

4 weeks. 3 months if on a year lease.

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