Secure storage with access

We offer price worthy, secure and easily accessible storage units with your own key for both businesses and private citizens. Our storage units range from 6 cubic meters to 32 cubic meters. We will gladly assist you to choose the right size for your needs.

We have genereus opening hours and accessibility. Your storage unit is accessable between 6 AM and 10 PM.

The storage facilities are manned in order to provide you with assistance of various kinds. Perhaps you need help with transports, receive goods, get questions answered, change something in your lease or get hold of contact information to one of our many partners. The office is manned every normal weekday between 8 AM to 5 PM, closed for lunch between 12 AM and 1 PM.

Secure and modern facilities

In our secure and modern facilities your items are protected from fire, water, flooding and burglary.

We a professional docking area, trolleys and other aids for you to use while unloading your vehicles and place it in your unit with the help of special carts that can be pulled all the way to your unit. The facilites has extra wide spaces and a large capacity lift.

Our prices can stand comparison! Included in the price is a high degree of service and practical handling.

Fullservice contracts is available with the following services

  • Receiving and delivery of goods
  • Garbage disposal
  • Handling of goods
  • Transportation
  • Texting (SMS) when your goods arrive

Pricelist for storage

Fixed price or by usage

You can choose to rent a unit during a set period of time (minimum of four weeks) or continous with a four week notice. Prices below is for four weeks including taxes.

Cubik meters / Floor space Length/Width/Height Door: Width/Height
6m³ / 2.4m² L:2.00m W:1.20m H:2.50m W:1.10m H:1.98m 600 kr
12m³ / 4.8m² L:2.40m W:2.00m H:2.53m W:1.19m H:2.00m 995 kr
14m³ / 4.8m² L:3.20m W:1.50m H:3.00m W:1.14m H:1.93m 1150 kr
22m³ / 7.7m² L:3.80m W:2.00m H:3.00m W:1.14m H:1.93m 1695 kr
32m³ / 13.7m² L:5.85m W:2.35m H:2.35m W:2.35m H:2.28m 2300 kr

Receiving and delivering goods

Fullservice arrangement for businesses 450 kr per hour excluding taxes.

Other information

All storage units are connected to dry air units to maintain low humidity.

When starting a lease a four week up front payment is made as well as a four week deposit.

Packing materials

We also carry all the packaging materials needed for you to protect the items you intend to store. This goes for the actual storing period as well as the transportation.

Moving box

35 kr a piece

Classic moving box of high quality. If the box is in good condition when you are through with it we will re-purchase it for 10 kr a piece including taxes.

Bubble wrap by running meter

9 kr per running meter ot 795 kr per roll (150 meters)

Protects items during transport. The width of the roll is 2 meters.

Corrugated packaging paper

9 kr per running meter or 625 kr per roll (75 meters)

Protects items during transport. The width of the roll is 1,2 meters.

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